How can I join Gipping Valley Archery Club? 


If you are new to archery we do require you to complete either the beginners’ course (preferred) or attend a taster session. 

Taster Sessions  - are held on the second Sunday of every month and last 2½ hours, adults £15 and under 18’s £10. More information.

Beginners Courses - are quarterly (January, April, July and October) beginning on the second Sunday of the month and continuing for 4 consecutive Sundays, each session is 2½  hours, adults £60 under 18’s £40. More Information.

The good news is if you then join the club the cost of these session are discounted from your membership fee, provided you sign up within 6 months. To book a training course with us please use the booking form available here.

If, however you have previous archery experience and are a member (or past member) of Archery GB - or its predecessors, then you can join directly by paying membership fees. To do so please contact the club via the contact form available here or directly via our e-mail address

You will need to complete a membership form and return it to us. The form is available from here.