The 300 Award Scheme is designed to encourage archers to improve their accuracy by reducing the target face size or reducing the number of arrows shot all at a distance of 20 yards. And is open to all club members at every level.


Using Metric, 10-zone scoring (Inner Ten when shooting compound bow). Six levels of badge are available Red through to Gold each using a smaller Target Face or fewer arrows (See table below).


After 6 sighters, you shoot the number of arrows allocated for given badge level and your bow type, in ends of 3 or 6 depending whats been agreed for that sessions shooting. 


The scheme has three age categories, 14 and over target is 300, under 14 with a target of 250 and under 10 with a target of 200.


Scored arrows must be shot consecutively and for the round to count it must be completed in a single session. Scores need to be achieved twice to qualify for the award. Qualifying scores for a given award for the same bow type must be shot on different archery session.


Awards can be claimed in any order sequence, but you can’t go backwards on the same bow style. You may score using a Smartphone App or the score sheet available here. Scores to


The badges are free for one bow style. If you wish to earn badges for another bow style then the badges are charged at £3. each.