Over the Platinum Jubilee weekend 4th and 5th June, the club ran two contrasting events. They were contrasting in several ways.

The most obvious was the weather. Saturday was hot and sunny whilst Sunday was dull and overcast – but we were lucky as there has been yellow warning of thunderstorms.

Less obvious is one was for charity and the other to boost club funds. But both were supporting local community events, promoting the club and archery in general.

On Saturday the club attended the Offton Fete. Where 43 people made a small contribution to “Have a go” which raised £125 towards church funds. Several participants expressed a desire to take up archery.

Feedback received – “Hi Alan and your Archery supporters thank you so much for the enormous support you all gave so willingly. We raised over £2000 a record!! Your attraction contributed enormously to that figure. Your archers contributed to the protection of our church in Offton. Many many Thanks

On Sunday the club attended the Stonham Parva Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Our participation was paid for by the organisers to help make the event a success. Village residents had an opportunity to “Have a go” free. Where 86 adults and 34 children had the opportunity to shoot arrows at a range of different targets as they had at Oftton.

Two long and tiring days with lots of logistics to move our equipment around between sites and our range. As well as showing people mostly new to archery how to shoot and keep everyone safe.

As ever lots of good learning on how these are best run. But as ever great thanks to all the committee members that gave up their weekend to support both events. Great publicity for our club and archery as a sport or hobby in general.

On behalf of the GVA Committee.



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