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Start Archery Weekend 2022 – We held this national event organised by Archery GB at Little Blakenham Chalk Pit over the weekend of 21/22 May - Courtesy of Lady Blakenham.

We were very fortunate with the weather as there was heavy rain on the Friday before and the Monday after, but Saturday and Sunday were hot and sunny.

There was good feedback from participants with all thanking us for the opportunity and expressed they enjoyed themselves. With a few indicating they may take the experience further.

Overall, the feeling from club members was it was a success although we could have done with more participants. Which we put down to not publicising and promoting the event enough.

We did however raise £100 as a donation to Nettlestead Church and other money coming in from food and drink sales. Although that was probably mostly club members!

Great effort and a lot of hard work from all that made the weekend happen.

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