Coaching Activities 2023/24 

Gipping Valley Archers are committed to providing coaching support for the development of archers within the club. The club recognises that there is a need to provide a range of coaching options that members can access in a form that best suits their needs. All club coaching post beginners’ courses are offered free of charge to club members.   

We recently conducted a survey and have reviewed the 23 inputs received. As a result of your inputs, we are changing the way coaching is structured and delivered for members. Initially this will be during the 2023/24 Winter Season with dates being published early November.  The range of coaching activities are:   

Ad-Hoc Coaching 

On an informal and ad-hoc basis whenever a coach is available at the range. Aimed at short interactions where the archer has a specific aspect they are trying to work on and need some coach input, feedback, or advice.   

Coaching Clinics 

Dedicated coaching sessions where one or more coaches are available for the whole session and are specifically on hand to provide coaching to all archers in the session on an individual basis.    

Technical Sessions – Theory and Practical 

Dedicated sessions covering specific topics such as bow tuning, arrow, string maintenance, etc... These could be theory, practical or a combination of both and maybe delivered at the range outdoors or indoors or at another location depending on the requirements of the session.  

Development Program 

This is for archers who wish to enter a more formal development program working toward specific goals over a period of months.  The program starts with identifying the archers’ short, medium and long-term goals followed by one-to-one coaching sessions on a regular basis working towards these goals.   

Junior Club 

In addition, a “Junior Club” for youngsters maybe once a month, to keep them interested with fun and games in an archery context. 

GVA Coaching Team  - November 2023