Membership Fees 2021/22 

The GVA Club and Archery GB operate on a membership year of October through to September. Club fees  are charged on a pro rata basis so those joining throughout the year only paying for the months they are part of the club rather than the entire year.


New Members (and Lapsed Members who did not have 2020/21 AGB membership) 

Costs shown below include GVA fees, membership of Archery GB as well as fees payable to County and Regional Archery Associations for 2021/22. Fees can either be paid in full at time of joining or in monthly installments. These installments are an initial first month payment followed  by monthly payments as below. New Members will need to complete a membership form available here.

Membership is payable on an annual basis, the club pays for the use of the range in advance based on the number of members. Therefore unfortunately refunds can not be offered for any periods where you do not shoot.  However, in exceptional circumstances we may be able to offer partial refunds.

Payment in full

Membership type

Month membership starts
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Senior  (25+) £170 £160 £150 £140 £130 £120 £85 £75 £65 £55 £45 £35
Archer with disabilities (18+) £136 £126 £116 £106 £96 £86 £68 £58 £48 £38 £28 £18
Student (18-25) £136 £126 £116 £106 £96 £86 £68 £58 £48 £38 £28 £18
Archer with disabilities (U18) £112 £104 £96 £88 £80 £72 £56 £48 £40 £32 £24 £16
Juniors  (U18) £112 £104 £96 £88 £80 £72 £56 £48 £40 £32 £24 £16


Payment via monthly Installments


   Membership Type  

Initial Joining Months Payment

then per month till End September 

October- March April - September
   Seniors (25+)    £60 £35 £10
   Archer with disabilities (18+)    £26 £18 £10
   Students (18-25)    £26 £18 £10
   Archer with disabilities (U18)    £24 £16 £8
   Juniors (U18)    £24 £16 £8


Existing Members (with AGB membership for 2020/21)

Club fees are due annually by the 1st Sunday in October. Fees can either be paid in full or in monthly installments over the year. Fees shown below include club fees membership of Archery GB as well as fees payable to County and Regional archery associations for 2021/22. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, standing order or bank transfer (bank sort code and account number available on request). 


Payment in full


Membership Type Fee
Seniors (25+) £167
Archer with disabilities (18+) £132
Students (18-25) £132
Archer with disabilities (U18) £108
Juniors (U18) £108

Payment via monthly Installments

Membership Type October Payment Followed by 11 Monthly payments of
Seniors (25+) £57 £10
Archer with disabilities (18+) £22 £10
Students (18-25) £22 £10
Archer with disabilities (U18) £22 £8
Juniors (U18) £22 £8





Taster Sessions and Beginners Courses

The taster session and beginners course fees cover all aspects of the course including equipment hire, insurance cover and general wear and tear to pieces of equipment. The good news is if you then join the club the cost of these session are discounted from your membership fee, provided you sign up within 6 months. To book a training course with us please use the booking form available here.

Taster Sessions - (1 session)

Adults - £15
Under 18's - £10

Beginners Courses - (4 sessions)

Adults - £60
Under 18's - £40

Equipment Hire and Target Fees

For new club members we are able to loan club equipment out until you have had the chance to decide on what kit you would be interested in purchasing yourself. Kit can be loaned for up to 12 weeks.

Equipment Hire - £3 per week



Visiting archers who are members of another club (proof of membership of Archery GB or other recognised body required) are able to attend on our Sunday Club day or Wednesday club evening (summer time) and pay a target fee to cover the cost of wear and tear on general equipment.

Target Fees  - £3 per session

Fees for 2022/23 will published following the Gipping Valley Archers AGM in September 2022.



Any queries regarding fees due general questions about fees or for details on how to make payment please speak to the club treasurer in person or via the Contact Us.