Clout is a form of archery in which archers shoot arrows at a flag (known as "the Clout") from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands to the flag. The aim is to get your arrows as close as possible to a flag some distance from the shooting line, 180 yds for men and 140 yds for women in imperial clouts and 165m for men and 125m for women in metric clouts. There are shorter distances for juniors and longer for compound archers in metric clout. Clout can be shot with longbow, barebow, recurve or compound, although many recurve archers just take their sights off and shoot barebow as you can’t usually sight on the flag with a conventional sight. To get the elevation necessary for the right trajectory to reach the flag most archers will have to adjust their stance. Only longbow archers are allowed a high trajectory.