GVA Committee Members Roles & Responsibilities

All committee members are contactable via the clubs generic email address of gippingvalleyarchers@outlook.com please include the committee members name in your e-mail to assit us in responding.






Will act as the figure head for the club. And is responsible for chairing committee meetings and AGM’s in accordance with the club’s rules.  Assist the club secretary to prepare meeting agendas.  Lead the committee in making decisions and setting the strategic direction of club. Act as an ambassador for the club

Stephanie Wilson


Will arrange meetings, book venues and take the minutes of club meetings, manages the annual affiliations to AGB, ECAA, SCAS, Claydon High School and Claydon Community Centre. The Secretary also has legal ownership of all club equipment. They will maintain a list of club members. The postal address of the club shall be that of the Secretary at the time.

Alex Mucklow


Will manages the club's finances, collects membership fees, green fees and equipment fees and pays them to the county archery association. All money collected on behalf of the club must be passed to the Treasurer. They will record all income and expenditure throughout the year. They will publish yearly a set of (audited) accounts.

Robert Clark

Child Protection Officer

Will receiving and acting upon any reported concerns, ensuring the club protection policy is implemented and promoted, promoting best safeguarding practice across the wider partnership network, acting as a first point of contact for the club on issues of Child Protection, both internally, and for members of the public and other external contacts.

Nicky Smith 

Refreshments Officer

Will ensure the club has appropriate supply of refreshments for its regular club shoots. Will agree and arrange the supply of refreshments for sale at club events.

Teresa Mitchell

Data Protection Officer

Will overseeing the club’s data protection strategy and implementation. They are the officer that ensures that the club is complying with the GDPR’s requirements in respect of maintenance, storage and disposal of personal data held by the club and its officers.

Alex Mucklow

Junior Representative

Will be responsible for liaising with the club committee regarding the interests of the club’s junior members.

Adam Rust

Senior Representative

Will be responsible for liaising with the club committee regarding the interests of the club’s senior members.

Bob Schivener

Head Coach

Will be responsible for the provision of coaching and training at the club. Include coordinating, managing and running the club’s taster and beginners’ courses. They will work with other club coaches to ensure continuity between coaches and coach development.

Caroline Rust

Head Events Organiser

Will be responsible for planning and organising Charity, Private, Public such as shows as well as Corporate archery events. They're responsible for running a range of events, ensuring the customers’ needs are met. That all aspects of the event are planned and coordinated efficiently, safely and within agreed budget.

Alan Godey

Event’s Organiser

Will assist the Head Events Organiser

Norman Berrill

Head Communications Officer

Will co-ordinates all internal and external communications for the club. Providing timely messages to club members about events, activities and changes that are planned. To manage the club’s external communications on its activities and events via social media, press, radio etc. to ensure they are well publicised, to the correct audiences in a timely manner.

Jack Wilson

Communications Officer

Will assist the Head Communications Officer

Andy Mitchell

Communications Officer

Will assist the Head Communications Officer

Mark Burgess

Communications Officer

Will assist the Head Communications Officer

Stephanie Wilson

Head Fun Shoot Organiser

Will plan and organise the Clubs fun shoots at Christmas, Easter and Halloween as well as any other events the club decides to run. They will prepare the target faces and any other support elements including scoring system.

Leonie Robinson

Fun Shoot Organiser

Will assist the Head Fun Shoot Organiser

Rust Family

Fun Shoot Organiser

Will assist the Head Fun Shoot Organiser

Stephanie Wilson


Will managing the content of the Club Website. The Webmaster is not necessarily the author or the authority for the content and will normally rely on other officers and members to supply that content. They will ensure the content is accurate and up to dated.

Trevor Benjamin

Tournament & Handicap Records Officer

Will create and publish the clubs shooting Programme for both Indoor and Outdoor seasons. The Records Officer records scores for classifications, handicap improvements, updating club members records. They will publish (ideally weekly) the results of club Target Days when members complete classification rounds or 252 schemes. They will maintain a float of badges for presentation by the club Chair when earned. They shall be the keeper of the 252.

Jackie Benjamin

Equipment Officer

Will supply consumables, as well as maintaining the equipment, assessing its condition and ensuring it’s in a safe and usable condition. They will maintain an up to date inventory of all the club’s equipment. They will have a plan of how equipment is replaced as it wears out and will prepare business case to justify the expenditure verses benefit.  They will ensure all equipment is securely and safely stored in the club’s storage container when not in use. However, all members are also responsible for the safe care and tidy storage of club equipment in the Storage Unit.

Trevor Benjamin