During the indoor season the club is holding indoor classification target days. Should you wish to participate, rounds will count towards an indoor classification. 


Archery GB only provide two disciplines;  compound and non-compound, however our club is happy for barebows, longbows, flatbow and horsebows to participate with thier own classification scores.


There are separate qualifying scores for Gentlemen and Ladies but no separate scores for juniors. The indoor classifications start at H and progress through G, F, E, D, C and B to A.


You will need to complete three or more classification rounds. Your best three scores will determine your classification for the year. The Club provides 1 free indoor badge a year, provided it is higher than previous year(s).


If eligible for additional badges in a year, you may purchase further badges for £3 each. This includes members that change / use more than one bow type in the course of an indoor season.


(e.g. your first three rounds are FFE you get F badge, if your next three are DDC a D badge. Once you have traded three rounds for a badge they can not be reused. Or could wait until the end of the indoor season and collect the highest badge you are eligible for). To claim your badge please contact Jackie Benjamin.