There are six classifications (five for Juniors) for outdoor shooting as shown to the right. In order to achieve one of the classifications you have to shoot three qualifying scores in the same outdoor season (for MB and GMB these must be at Record Status shoots).


The score required for each classification depends on what bow you use, what round is being shot, your age and your gender. The Outdoor Classification tables available on  this site, grouped by bow type and age category. Outdoor rounds are either Imperial or Metric.


You don’t have to shoot the same round for each of your three qualifying scores, provided your score for a particular round is at least sufficient for your classification.


One other point to note: although you are welcome to use a higher class score in support of a lower classification, you can’t submit the same score twice. For example, an archer submits a 1st Class score and two 2nd Class scores in support of a claim for 2nd Class status. They can’t then use that same 1st Class score to support a later claim for 1st Class. Neither could they “swap out” a later 2nd Class score for their earlier 1st Class and reuse it - once it’s submitted it’s gone.


Scoring  On club shoots days,  relevent round score sheets will be available on the day. But better still why not save the planet and use your mobile phone. There are a number of Apps available that support archery scoring. You can submit your result to the Records Officer Jackie Benjamin


Who Awards the Classifications  

The first four classifications (3rd Class up to Bowman) are administered and awarded by the GVA club. Qualifying scores can be shot on Target Days or during a competition / tournament. Simply complete your scorecard and submit it  to the GVA records officer (Jackie Benjamin) to claim your classification. The badges are available through the club free of charge.

Master Bowman (including Junior Master Bowman) and Grand Master Bowman are administered and awarded directly by GNAS. Qualifying scores have to be shot during record status shoots or tournaments.


The Club provides one free outdoor badge a year, provided it is higher than previous year(s). If eligible for additional badges in a year, you may purchase further badges for £3 each. This includes members that change / use more than one bow type in the course of an outdoor season.


Requalifying Once you achieve three qualifying scores in a season for a classification it’s yours for a year. However you have to requalify each subsequent outdoor season to keep your classification. If you have held a classification but don't manage to gain any classification in the following season you are then listed as U/C (Unclassified). 


Juniors who move up an age group or go from junior to senior have their classification based on the three best qualifying scores over the 12 months immediately prior to their birthday. If there are insufficient scores during that time to gain them a classification based on their new age group they are listed as U/C (Unclassified) . 


You can hold different classifications simultaneously for each different bow type but the rules on requalifying apply to each classification held. If you are attempting two classification rounds on the same day they must be different rounds and distances.


Also in your first distance (on an imperial round only) you can attempt a 252 award (with your first six ends after sighters) but not on subsequent distances in that round.






3rd Class

2nd Class

1st Class



Junior Master Bowman (JMB)

Master Bowman (MB)


Grand Master Bowman (GMB)